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Our coastal community has been hit hard by recent local emergencies.  We've had firestorms, evacuations, power outages, and now an ever present pandemic.  Waves of Compassion Foundation is dedicated to helping those in need, within our community, bounce back from the negative impacts related to whatever disaster we find ourselves facing.
Our Emergency Grant Program, offers grants to local individuals and businesses who are experiencing hardship - whether it's help with this month's rent, utility bills, or similar identified needs.  An individual may either apply for themselves, their business, or for someone they know who needs help.  Learn more and access our grant applications here.
The COVID-19 Pandemic poses an ongoing threat to the well being of our community.  Learn about what we are doing to support those who could use the extra assistance to survive this period of difficulty.  From pantry food delivery to advocating for local testing clinics, we are here to help.
The first disaster that we provided emergency assistance for was the 2017 wildfires.  Over a thousand people showed up overnight on our shores and in desperate need, after fleeing from their homes in the night - often without shoes or even wallets.  Our entire community banded together to immediately prioritize helping our Sonoma and Napa County neighbors weather the fire storm.  Learn more about our community's heroic efforts to provide anything and everything that was needed, with limited and remote facilities.
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