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In October of 2017 Waves of Compassion Foundation had just received our non-profit status about two weeks before fires ravaged Sonoma and Napa counties. We were instrumental in setting up our Bodega Bay Grange as a shelter for Fire Storm Survivors who migrated to the coast in troves. Together, with help from other community members and organizations, we sheltered, clothed, supplied and fed hundreds of people (and their pets :). 
This community effort also had satellite relief efforts at The Bodega Bay Church, Doran park, The Dunes Campground and Chanslor Ranch.
After the fire, we took applications and gave grants to help people for deposits on temporary housing, moving expenses and car repairs. In addition, we granted people funds to replace items lost in the fire such as school books, camera equipment, and clothing, (as many arrived at the coast in only their pajamas the night of the fire).
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