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The pandemic has posed many challenges for our coastal community.  We are doing everything we can to provide the extra support our community needs during this time.
We have ramped up and dramatically changed our bi-monthly food pantry.  Learn more about our pantry here.
Many of our local workers and families have lost income due to the pandemic.  We offer an emergency assistance grant for those who need help making ends meet.  These grants are available to both individuals and businesses.   Learn more about our grant system here.
We are happy to help facilitate the provision of PPE, educational materials, and even help support the organization of local clinics when possible.  Please let us know if you are in need of face masks, information, or assistance with getting tested or vaccinated.  If you have other ideas as to how we may better assist you or our community during this pandemic, please let us know!
Here are downloadable PDFs filled with great information on how to stay safe during the pandemic.  Please share these with anyone you feel may benefit from this information.  We have it available in both English and Spanish.
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